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Holiday House Quinta da Nora Aljezur - Algarve

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Pool Sauna

Sauna & Infra-red Cabin

How to have a sauna bath

Having a sauna is ideal for regenerating strength. The change between pleasant heat and cold strengthens resistance to illness and improves blood circulation.

Basically, the whole metabolism gets highly stimulated and, by the way, the sauna cares for and purifies your skin, so body and mind are balanced again.

The temperature is between 80-95ºC. The upper level is the hottest – naturally! Don’t take a sauna when hungry or with a full stomach. Combine the sauna bath with a thorough body cleaning and then dry yourself properly.

Take two hours out for the whole experience. Take sauna towels and soap - and there you go!

One sauna session should last not longer than 8 to 10 minutes - 15 minutes maximum. You can either sit or lie down to relax. If you feel any discomfort during the sauna, it is recommended that you leave the cabin. One drink of water maximizes the effect of the sauna. The vaporized water affects the lungs and makes you sweat more profusely.

Afterwards we suggest that you remain seated for 2-3 minutes. During this period you can pour some water on the stones with the Löyly scoop, to make the atmosphere similar to the popular Finish sauna. Then leave the cabin and breathe in and out deeply in the fresh air.

After you have cooled down with a sauna shower, you may wish to have a plunge in the pool and/or have a seat in our outside area, have a slow walk or lie down. After thorough refreshment and a break of 30 minutes minimum, comes – if you are up to it – the 2nd and maybe 3rd sauna bath. Sufficient rest is necessary to prevent late sweating and risk getting a chill!

After the sauna, to compensate for the loss of liquids, it is best to drink mineral water or fruit juices. This is, at the same time, healthy and refreshing.

Following these guidelines, everybody can look forward to the pleasure of having a sauna bath, again and again. Bringing relaxation, wellbeing and also healing for some complaints. Those who wish to be slim will be successful, if they continue controlling what they eat and drink after the sauna bath.

The Infrared Cabin

Solar infrared radiation heat is the source of all life, not to be confused with ultraviolet radiation. Infrared heat energy regularly applied releases a number of health supporting processes. It stimulates the automatic healing of the body, increases the body defences and promotes deep relaxation. The duration of one session is about 15 – 30 minutes. Infrared heat can be “topped up” several times a week. It has been approved in supporting therapies against the following problems:

Cardiovascular diseases


Muscle aches, tensions, contusions

Circulatory disturbances

Metabolism troubles

Strengthening of the immune system

Menstruation complaints

Cellulite, dermatological diseases, formation of scars

Because the soft and careful warming up works through direct radiation instead of through air, it develops a unique deep effect on the organism. The temperature in the cabin is between 45°C and 55°C and the humidity is low. People with heart and circulation problems can safely use this alternative to the Finish wood sauna. You sweat much more in an infrared cabin than in a sauna. The pores sweat profusely eliminating larger amounts of toxins – which have been deposited in the connective tissue, dirt and metabolic scoriae are also eliminated from the body. Through the intense overheating of the body from inside to outside it eliminates acids and toxins more effectively. At the same time body and water molecules are charged with energy. With the help of the infrared radiation heat, thinning of the blood occurs and the blood vessels widen in the peripheral parts of the body, especially at the extremities, having a beneficial affect on cold hands and feet. This is especially good for those whose profession involves standing all day, as it facilitates the easy movement of blood back to the main body area. So that the main organs, back muscles, nerves and especially the brain, are again sufficiently provided with blood. Regular application, possible at any day time, protects the health, makes body and spirit well, increases energy and the potential for the joy of life and love.